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A Jeep underneath the trees along Maple Springs Road

Cleveland National Forest Off-Road Map

Maple Springs Road begins where the Silverado Canyon ends, hence, it is also called the Silverado Trail. As per the NFS map, it reaches a maximum elevation of 3,000 feet. The trail is a graded dirt road that ends at the first National Forest gate located at a 4523 benchmark, where it meets up with Main Divide Road.

Silverado Canyon appears in the Santa Ana Mountains within the Cleveland National Forest. On either side lie the cities of Orange and El Toro.

You should check with the Forest Service to see if access is closed because of snow, wet conditions or spring road erosions. This is more likely in early spring. Don’t forget to obtain your National Forest Adventure Pass which is required to park in the area.


Take Santiago Canyon Road to Silverado Canyon Road. Drive all the way to the end of Silverado Canyon, where the road turns into Maple Springs Road and heads up the mountain.


At one point in time, Maple Springs Road was closed by the courts. It is open as recently as October, 2006.

In a lawsuit filed seven years ago by the Center for Biological Diversity it was determined that human intervention was negatively impacting the Arroyo Toad breeding in the area. As a result the road was closed through the breeding season i.e From April 1 to October 30.

Nature has also played games with this species. Previous droughts and last year’s torrential rains have drastically affected the breeding.

    • Due to the wild fires that ran through the area in 2007, Maple Springs is closed until November 2008.**

Maps and GPS Coordinates

Maple Springs Road Coordinates: 33.750854° -117.580272° Coordinates: 33.750854° -117.580272°

Conditions and Closures

It is always wise to check with the Cleveland National Forest to make sure that your trail is open.

Cleveland National Forest Contact Information