Milpitas Wash Trail

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Milpitas Wash Road is another simple trail that starts at I-10 Wiley Well Road exit through a paved road and past the state prison. From then on it changes to a smooth graded road and enters the Mule Mountains Long-term Visitor Area which is an excellent camping spot in winter.

The trail from this section gets slightly rougher but in dry weather you can still drive through without much difficulty.

You can choose to take a trail that leads east to the Opal Hill Mine which can be accessed for a small fee. Another trail to the west will lead you to the Hauser Geode Beds which is a rock hounding area. Here is where you can hunt for geodes.

The main trail moves to the south around the edge of the Palo Verde Mountains Wilderness past shallow washes. You end at California 78, also called Wiley Wells Road.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Milpitas Wash Trail Coordinates: 33.570000° -114.897333° Coordinates: 33.570000° -114.897333°