Mine Wash Trail

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The Mine Wash Trail is a good trail for those who would like to combine hiking with driving with a little history thrown in.

Begin at California 78 towards the Mescal Bajada which will lead you to the Mine Canyon. This is a beautiful place located in the Pinyon Mountains. A large part of the trail is loose sandy wash and your 2WD can easily traverse the distance. You may miss the start of the trail which is a little difficult to spot, but once in it is an enjoyable experience.

Just 1.5 miles down the trail you have a chance to see an historical Indian village. Get out of your vehicles and take a short hike to explore the surroundings. A walk across the boulders will reveal flat rocks which were used as grinding stones and shallow rock shelters as well.

Moving on, this trail takes you to the canyon passing through the Mine wash. Further 3 miles down you come to the end of the vehicle trail. You can continue hiking further to take in the view.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Mine Wash Trail Coordinates: 33.132833° -116.333167° Coordinates: 33.132833° -116.333167°