Mojave Road

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The Mojave Road
Photo: The long, beautiful Mojave Road
Off-Road Information
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Terrain: Trail
Off-Road Use: Restricted
Difficulty: Easy
Camping: Use existing campsites
County: San Berarndino County, CA
Nearest Cities: Needles, CA, Goffs, CA
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Satellite Map: Google Satellite
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GPS Coords: 35.112045,-115.425797
Google Earth: Mojave Road.kmz
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The Mojave Road is a 138-mile stretch of dirt road through the center of the Mojave National Preserve. The road leads from waterhole to waterhole, and is mostly a 4-wheel-drive trail.

Traveling the Mojave Road is a 2- or 3-day excursion, best made with a group of well-equipped off-roaders. The trip begins at the Colorado River and ends in Afton Canyon near Barstow. The Mojave National Preserve is huge and empty. Except the store at Cima (which may or may not be open) there are no services of any kind available. Take plenty of emergency rations and extra water, and fill up your gas tank. Bring plenty of film for your camera; you'll use a lot.

The indisputable authority on this trip is the book Mojave Road Guide, written by Dennis Casebier. Casebier spent decades traveling the trail and has an insatiable appetite for history and geology. Mile by mile, the book guides travelers over the passes and through the valleys, 138.8 miles.

Landmarks on the Mojave Road[edit]

East to West

  • Rock Spring - The biggest watering hole along the Mojave Road. The stream flows down large boulders. There is an old cabin here. -mile 49
    Coordinates: 35.152830° -115.327300° Satellite Google Yahoo Topo Geocache GEarth Other

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

A comprehensive list of GPS waypoints and tracks in Google Earth format can be found here: Mojave Road.kmz

Mojave Road Coordinates: 35.112045° -115.425797° Coordinates: 35.112045° -115.425797°

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