Mother Grundy Truck Trail

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More to come later. For now, here's an article at SignOnSanDiego about the road Mother Grundy: Out east, that's a trail name of distinction.

The article rates the road as moderate but I found it easy in a Subaru Forester. May be a bit difficult for a passenger car though. There was a short section near the Honey Springs Road entrance with a few big rocks and deep ruts.

There is no road sign off Honey Springs Road, just a brown sign among the mail boxes that says "Mother Grundy". The green sign at the Deerhorn Valley Road entrance is marked private (PVT). However, this is a public road.

NativeFlowers, a resident comments:

Please be sensitive and show respect to the residents if you choose to travel on Mother Grundy Truck Trail. This is a private road. It is not maintained by the county but by the residents themselves. You basically are driving through people’s front yards. Many of these residents are fire survivors from the Harris Fire and value their privacy. It is best to drive it in an SUV, truck and preferably 4x4 in some parts especially during the rainy season. Please don't loiter, litter or go on anyone's property. Please do not disturb the wildlife or chaparral. It is preferred that you don’t drive over 25 mph and slower in more dangerous areas where there is a blind curve or the road narrows. Patrolled by the Border Patrol and Sheriff. Thanks.