Nate Harrison Grade

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Nate Harrison Grade goes from the floor of Pauma Valley to the top of Palomar Mountain. It starts as a paved road going north off Highway 76, 1/4 mile east of Cole Grade Road and about 3/4 mile east of Casino Pauma. Pavement ends after about 1.25 miles. There is a sign here that says "locked gate" but the road is usually open all the way through. It is suitable for passenger cars up to the state park boundary about 7.5 miles from the start. The last couple of miles have some pot holes that may be difficult to traverse without high clearance. After about 9 miles it meets County Road S7 in the state park.

Near the exit of the state park a sign informs you that you are in a fee area and to pay at the entrance shack. If you are just passing through you can probably get away with just exiting the park. However, if you are starting at the top you will probably have to pay the $6.00 entrance fee. Perhaps it would be better to pay the fee and spend some time enjoying the view at Boucher Hill Lookout.

Nate Harrison Grade is one of the more spectacular and pleasant unpaved roads in the county. It is fairly steep with views to the west of Pauma Valley and to the Pacific Ocean. Near the top you enter the shade of the oak and then pine forests.

Difficulty: very easy (1).

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