Painted Gorge-Carrizo Mountain Trail

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This unique trial is truly a spectacular one as it is made up of colorful rocks along the canyon walls. This gives the canyon a colorful look.

You can begin at S80 between Plaster City and Ocotillo and be careful not to miss the informal sign leading to the trail that is west to the Plaster City West Staging Area. For the first part the trail is a graded road that also leads to the Painted Gorge Estates but you move on to the public land quickly.

There is an open area that leads to the west and then down the sandy wash of Painted Canyon. The terrain then changes to twisted routes as it leads to the Coyote Canyon which has lots of embedded rocks.

The trail then enters the Carrizo Mountain section which slowly leads you out of the wash and on to a steep shelf road out of the canyon. Be careful in this section. This is more difficult due to the loose surface and narrow width that is enough for one vehicle to pass at a time. Look out as you ascend this road and amazing views of the Painted Gorge will greet you. You can see as far as the Yuha Basin and Mexico.


The Carrizo Mountain has numerous campsites along the backcountry areas. There are also good camping areas along the other trails that run here as well.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Painted Gorge-Carrizo Mountain Trail Coordinates: 32.762667° -115.930667° Coordinates: 32.762667° -115.930667°