Pine Creek Road

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Pine Creek Road starts at Old Highway 80, just west of Pine Valley and goes about nine miles to Sunrise Highway near Mount Laguna Village. It is fully paved but is a narrow one-lane road for most of its length. It is suitable for passenger cars and has plenty of tight turns, steep grades and spectacular views. It is a two-way road and used by bicycles so be careful on the one-lane corners.

Deer Park Road branches off Pine Creek Road approximately five miles from the Pine Valley end.

According to the Cleveland National Forest map there is a permanently-locked gate near the Pine Valley end. However, the road is usually fully-open if weather and fire conditions permit.

Pine Creek Road is in the Laguna Mountain High Impact Recreation Area so you will need an Adventure Pass to park anywhere along the road.

There are pit toilets at the Pine Creek and Noble Canyon Trailheads

Lots of Trails and dirt roads along the way

Great Mountain: Biking / Nobel Canyon Trail

Great Hiking: Garnet Peak / PCT / Laguna Lakes

Great Wildlife: Birds / Deer / Coyote / Mountain Lion / Bob Cat / Fox

Adventure Pass required for all parking

camping available by permit

Day passes available at local establishments / ranger station / gas station in Pine Valley

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