Pinkham Canyon Trail

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The Pinkham Canyon Trail is a relatively easy 4WD trail that is very scenic.

It starts at the Pinto Basin Road also called El Dorado Mine Road just opposite the Cottonwood Visitor Center. The route progresses from a graded road to a formed trail into the sloping bajada. From then on you move past the sandy Mojave yuccas towards the Cottonwood Mountains from where you can view the Monument Mountain.

After this section, the trail takes you into the Pinkham Canyon Wash where the surface is loose and sandy. This is not too difficult to navigate with your 4WD.

You come across a side trail which leads you to the Thermal Canyon. This is one of the most scenic sites within the Joshua Tree National Park.

The end of this trail is close to I-10.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Pinkham Canyon Trail Coordinates: 33.762333° -115.989167° Coordinates: 33.762333° -115.989167°