Pinyon Mountain Road

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Pinyon Mountain Road
Through The Squeeze
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Off-Road Information
Other Names:
Terrain: Desert
Off-Road Use: Open
Difficulty: Difficult
Camping: Yes
County: San Diego County, California and Imperial County, California
Nearest Cities: Salton City, CA
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GPS Coords:
Google Earth: GE.jpg kmz file available in this page
Climate: Desert
Area Size:
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This trail begin at Highway S-2 Google Map and connect with Hapaha Flat Rd and Fish Creek Wash, it has 3 challenging areas, The Squeeze Google Map, Pinyon Drop-off better known as Heart Attack Hill Google Map and a short treacherous canyon between them Google Map.


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Heart Attack for the driver and spectators as well

Heart Attack.jpg

Side view.jpg

Back view.jpg

Be very careful here--you don't want this!

You Tube Watch another roll click here



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