Pinyon Ridge Trail

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Pinyon Ridge Trail
Trail Information
Other Names: Pinyon Ridge
Part of: Angeles National Forest
Trail Length: 7 miles + 3.8 mile spur
Trail Time: 3 hours
Off-Road Use:
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GPS Start: N34 23.38 W117 46.49
GPS End: N34 23.67 W117 43.78
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Elevation: 5,400 to 7,100 ft.

The Pinyon Ridge Trail is a really nice canyon run that lies along the Big Rock Creek and offers avenues for hiking, birding and hunting.

Starting at the Big Rock Creek Road, near Camp Fenner, the road changes from paved to graded dirt. Camp Fenner is a state prison facility and therefore you cannot access the forest road 4N55.

For the first 2 miles you get to drive along the Big Rock Creek. You pass the national forest campground and the road starts to ascend. You must cross the creek at several points along the way to reach the saddle on California 2 at Vincent Gulch Divide.

Hikers can take off from this spot to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail or the High Desert National recreation Trail.

For those who wish to drive further, from the Vincent Gulch Divide you get to drive around the shelf road. You cross a major spur trail that leads you to the Pinyon Ridge which has many pinyon pines, hence the name.

There are some campsites situated here offering very good views. The spur finally ends at a viewpoint from where you can see the Big Rock creek and the Devil’s Punchbowm. Drivers have to go a little further to get a better view. This spur trail is a great avenue for deer hunters.

The main trail meanwhile continues some distance before finishing on Big Pines Highway at Mountain Oak USFS Campground.

If you are looking for a little more action, you can still drive further up 1.4 miles through a pine forest.

Access is throughout the year except in heavy snow.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Pinyon Ridge Trail Coordinates: 34.389667° -117.774833° Coordinates: 34.389667° -117.774833°