Pumpkin Eater Trail

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The dry falls is the first challenge on the trail.

Pumpkin Eater is an extremely tough trail in the Stoddard Valley area. This trail is not for the casual off-roader. Most people usually only run the west canyon but the folks that originally named this trail actually intended for the trail to extend over the ridge to the next canyon as well. The east canyon has some real challenges and is still being developed for more extreme options. The east canyon is short but climbs quickly up the side of Watkins Peak. The terrain is mostly very large boulders and very loose soil. Traction is difficult due to the loose conditions and the trail changes often due to travel-use and weather. The more solid terrain doesn't always give good traction due to the loose conditions that surround them, and due to the steep uphill climb. A combination of finesse and momentum is required to make this climb. Locking differentials and very high ground clearance are recommended. The west canyon is more solid and less steep, but still has some seriously large rocks and tough challenges. The V-Notch will certainly get your attention. This canyon has a couple by-passes if you so desire. Based on reference from a member of the On the Rocks Club, the trail was organized in the late 1990's by Jason Bunch and Steve Hastings for a use in the High Desert Round-Up trail runs.

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Pumpkin Eater Trail Coordinates: 34.791050° -117.047833° Coordinates: 34.791050° -117.047833°