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Ramona North area of the Cleveland National Forest.

The Cleveland National Forest extends southward from east Palomar Mountain toward Ramona. This area has several good trails. There are two well-maintained roads suitable for passenger cars. These are Black Canyon Road and Pamo Road. Most of the trails branch off Pamo Road. To the west is the Orosco Ridge area that includes Orosco Ridge Road and Lower Santa Ysabel Road. To the east are Black Mountain Truck Trail and Lusardi Truck Trail.

Lower Santa Ysabel Road is on the CNF road status site so it is assumed that it is available to off-road use but it has been closed for some time.

Upper Santa Ysabel Road goes from Black Mountain Truck Trail to Black Canyon Road. There is also a short trail from Black Canyon Road to Sutherland Reservoir.

The Orosco Ridge Target Shooting Area along Orosco Ridge Road is closed to shooting activities. According to the status page it is also closed to hunting and other recreational activities as well.[1]. However, as of 12/31/2013 the gate is open and the signs say the area is closed to all shooting activites. When the area was open to target shooting an Adventure Pass was required for parking but an Adventure Pass is not required at this time.

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