Riffel Canyon

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Riffel Canyon
Photo: Don't Take The Beer
Trail Information
Other Names: Fry Mountain
Part of: Johnson Valley, Ca
Trail Length: 2 miles
Trail Time: 8 hours
Terrain: Desert
Off-Road Use: Open O.H.V.
Difficulty: Very difficult
County: San Bernadino, Ca
Nearest Cities: Landers, CA
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Climate: Desert
Elevation: 3,000 ft.
Trail Adopted By: M.I.B.

Fall to Spring is the best time to visit

Riffel ends at the halfway point of Crowbar, you can continue up or down Crowbar but if you go down you will have to contend with going down Ballerina Rock.


From Northbound I-15 exit Bear Valley Rd., turn right and go 12 miles to Hwy 18 stay right and enter Hwy 18 go 10 miles to Old Woman Springs Rd. (Hwy 247), continue straight on Old Woman Springs Rd. go 13 miles and turn left onto Bessemer Mine Rd., continue 3 miles on Bessemer Mine Rd, arrive at Soggy Dry Lake.

Photo Gallery[edit]

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Johnson Valley Area Map
Area Map
Trail Map