Rincon Shortcut

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Rincon-Shortcut OHV Route
Trail Information
Other Names: Rincon Trail
Part of: Angeles National Forest
Trail Length: 25.2 miles
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Off-Road Use:
County: San Bernadino County, Los Angeles County, CA
Nearest Cities:
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GPS Start: N34 14.28 W117 51.75
GPS End: N34 16.41 W118 01.95
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Elevation: 1,600 to 4,900 ft.

Rincon Shortcut OHV Trail offers something for everybody. Starting at the San Gabriel Canyon Road ( California 39) you drive through the crest of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest.

As you begin at first you move uphill, around the edge of the Rincon Canyon driving along a single-lane shelf road. You travel past the Pine Mountain crossing over around the side of the Monrovia Peak. The journey is pleasant and shaded with holly oak and trumper bushes. Brush can be overgrown, so have a good coat of wax on your vehicle to avoid scratches. A stock vehicle can complete this trail without issue. 4wd required at the west end near Highway 2.

After you cross the Monrovia Peak the trail descends to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. Here you have to cross the concrete ford over the river and the trial starts ascending again as a shelf road.

The trail ends at California 2.

Special Permits and Activities[edit]

Bikers love this 25 mile trail and ride in the reverse direction as it is slightly more downhill.

Campers can use this area but there aren’t many available as this is largely a shelf road.

You can find one camp ground equipped with tables, fire rings, a vault toilet about a mile from the main trail. Campers have to obtain a National Forest Adventure Pass.

Drivers have to obtain a USFS permit to use their trail. This permit is valid for two weeks and you get information about the combination of the locks of the gates which are at the trail end. The combinations are changed on the first of every month and you get the codes if your travel spans that period. It is not difficult to get a permit but you need to give details of your vehicle and driver’s license. You can get the permits on entry but you must check with the San Gabriel River Ranger District for the official working hours.

110 N. Wabash Ave., Glendora CA 91741
(626)335-1251 8am-4:30pm Mon.- Fri.

Highway39 (626)910-1235
8a.m.-4p.m. Weekends and Holidays.


Currently as of 9-10-2010 the area is closed to vehicles, though a 13-mile portion is opened for non-vehicle access (see: here for the most recent news). Landslides, the Station Fire, and work being done by Edison as part of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project have kept this great OHV area closed for the past two years.


12/05/11-Further notice (closed for Construction)

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Rincon Shortcut Coordinates: 34.238000° -117.862500° Coordinates: 34.238000° -117.862500°

Permit Info[edit]