Sandstone Canyon

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A Jeep in Sandstone Canyon.
Photo: Narrowest point
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If beauty and tranquility is what you like, this is a must to see. Sandstone Canyon is one of the many washes draining into Fish Creek, for me it is the most amazing and beautiful canyon in the Vallecito Mountains of Anza-Borrego. The trail is easy, it is possible in 2WD, but 4WD is recommended as you will be driving in a dry bed wash with a lot of loose sand. In order to get there you have to drive 12 miles up Fish Creek Wash starting where Fish Creek intersect Split Mountain Road Google Map This trail begins at Google Map and the "driving" ends at Google Map, from there hiking is great, there is a sign stating that fire is only allowed in metals rings, I did not see any ring but evidence of camp fires and good times are all over, even though there are sections that will make you feel claustrophobic, don't worry there are areas where you can park and turn around, temperature does not get any better at night as the sandstone radiate heat all night long.

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Sandstone Canyon Coordinates: 32.979500° -116.213500° Coordinates: 32.979500° -116.213500°