Santa Clara Divide Road

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The Santa Clara Divide Road (AKA Santa Clara Truck Trail, NF 3N17) is a popular year round trail averaging about 30 miles with an elevation range between 2600 to 6400 feet. The views from this trail are spectacular, so bring your camera. There are some trails that break off from this road, one of which is the slightly more difficult Beartrap Canyon Trail

This is a very easy trail for any stock 4WD or 2WD (with 4WD-type clearance). Some sections would become very difficult or even impassible after heavy rains.

The Santa Clara Divide Road begins on the paved Sand Canyon Road towards the east of Santa Clarita (Sand Canyon Road becomes Little Tujunga Canyon Road and can be accessed from the south via Osborne St in Sylmar). Once on the path, you begin ascending the single-lane, paved road moving towards the Magic Mountain. You cannot access the mountain-top as the gate is closed by the forest service.

You can however move towards the ridge top without much trouble though the road is not even and switches between graded dirt and some paved sections.

Once you get to the North Fork Saddle area there is a national forest station which can be a great information base. Visitors are not permitted access to this section but you can find leaflets on the region here.

If you wish to relax there is a nice picnic ground you can use. For those interested in moving towards the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, the road comes up from the Soledad Canyon at this point. This trail merges with the Santa Clara Divide Road and together they travel to the end point that is the Angeles Forest Highway. The latter section of the trail turns into a paved road.

UPDATE as of may 2011: the Santa Clara divide road, as well as other portions of the 3N17 are closed "indefinitely" due to fire damage.


The Santa Clara Divide Road is a shelf road for most part of the trail. Campers do not have much choice except the national forest campground at Messenger Flats. This is a great spot having walk in campsites and pine shaded areas.You can also use the Lighting Point Group Campsites for your convenience.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Santa Clara Divide Road Coordinates: 34.360868° -118.392041° Coordinates: 34.360868° -118.392041°