Sidewinder Trail

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Sidewinder Trail - Difficult.gif
Entering Rattlesnake Cyn.jpg
Photo: Entering the actual Canyon...
Trail Information
Other Names: None
Part of: Bighorn Wilderness
Trail Length: miles
Trail Time: hours
Terrain: Desert sand wash
Off-Road Use: Limited Access
Difficulty: Difficult - Difficult.gif
County: San Bernadino, Ca
Nearest Cities: Lucerne, CA
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map: Google Earth
GPS Start: N34*16.565 W116* 39.78
GPS End: N34* 15.542 W116* 39.78
Google Earth: Rattlesnake Canyon.kmz
Climate: 7 Day Forecast
Elevation: 3,00 to 8,000 ft.


Sidewinder is a VERY difficult trail in the canyons east of Big Bear. It winds through a sandy canyon bottom, with many difficult rockcrawling obstacles. Minimum vehicle REQUIREMENTS are 35" tires, two lockers, recovery gear and an experienced driver. A winch is recommended. This trail is an off-shoot to Rattlesnake Canyon Rd. you can stay on Rattlesnake to bypass this section.


92285 Via Bear Valley Rd. and I-15. Driving directions to Old Woman Springs Rd & Rattlesnake Canyon Rd, LANDERS, CA

1. Head east on Bear Valley Rd toward Mariposa Rd 12.5 mi 2. Turn right onto CA-18 S 10.6 mi 3. Continue onto Old Woman Springs Rd 18.6 mi 4. Arrive at Old Woman Springs Rd & Rattlesnake Canyon Rd LANDERS, CA 92285

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