Skyline Drive (Cleveland National Forest)

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Winding up Skyline Drive

A Bronco playing on one of the Skyline Drive side trails.
Cleveland National Forest Off-Road Map

Skyline Drive is located at the foothills of Corona in the county of Riverside, in the Cleveland National Forest. Skyline runs south with switchbacks to Main Divide Road. It connects to Main Divide up near Beeks Place.


The closest main street would be Lincoln Ave. You head South on Lincoln untill it reaches the foothills. Skyline Drive is just west of Lincoln Ave. The entrance may move due to housing developments in the area. Keep heading towards the canyon, and you will find it. You may have to access the trail via Mangular Ave.

You can no longer enter from Mangular. You must enter on Foothill road. The entrance is a bit hidden now. It is right after the bridge before it dead ends. Its a small little driveway that may have a barrier in front of it. You turn right on to Foothill from Lincoln.

Maps and GPS Coordinates

Skyline Drive (Cleveland National Forest) Coordinates: 33.836268° -117.609932° Coordinates: 33.836268° -117.609932°

Conditions and Closures

It is always wise to check with the Cleveland National Forest to make sure that your trail is open.skyline mountain bike trail is always open year round for hikers and bikers. some of skyline has been torn up from all the rain we have had. Mountain bike trails vary from beginner to advanced.

Cleveland National Forest Contact Information

During fire season, the gate between the north end of Main Divide Road and Skyline Drive is locked. You can get a key from the County of Riverside, but you must visit the cashiers office. There is a $100 deposit for 1 year of use and you must fill out a short request form. The cashiers office is located at 4080 Lemon St., 2nd Floor, Riverside, CA. The phone number is 951-955-1814

Current Info: As of 5/3/09 the gate is open, and a detour is in place for the trail. Although there is no telling when they will close it again.

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Due to the heavy traffic on skyline drive and vandalism (cutting of locks off the gate) there is heavy consideration to closing the city portion of the road. Most of the trails shown in the pictures are illegal side cut trails that are just getting blown out by more pre_runner kids and utv drivers. Dont get me wrong im a dual sport rider and enjoy the terrain, its just getting trashed by parties. Also its become a haven for stolen vehicles to be thrown off the side of the hill or burned.

The neighborhood near the gate which is brand new is now complaining about the traffic and the mountain bikers complain about dust form a 10mph truck. Its gonna be a bust soon.

The HOA complained to the county about the traffic on this road. They closed the gate and refuse to give out anymore keys as of 01-01-2013.

All parking for Skyline Trail is on Foothill Parkway. There is a trail behind the new neighborhood that leads to the forest. There is no parking in the new neighborhood. If you park in the neighborhood you will get a ticket.