Smugglers Cave

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4x4 Corps on Smuggler's Cave
Smuggler's Cave (aka Elliot Mine) is an easy trail in Jacumba. It can be completed in stock vehicles with 4 wheel drive without risk of body damage. While the trail is not difficult, the end contains a few caves to explore, and some spectacular views. There are also several shooting pits.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Smugglers Cave Coordinates: 32.640098,,-116.106434° {{{2}}}° Coordinates: 32.640098,,-116.106434° {{{2}}}°

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  • Smugglers Cave is actually a sight located on your way up to Elliot Mine, prior to the first fork in the trail. Vehicles are not allowed to deviate from the official trail at this point, so a short hike is necessary to make your way to this semi-historic site. You may easily find the trail to hike down to it; as mentioned, when going up the mountain/trail making your way towards Elliot Mine and prior to the first fork or split in the trail (left takes you to upper and lower entrances to valley of the moon *both blocked, straight lets you continue on with the Jacumba Loop trail), you will notice several large boulders on your left placed in an area that you could otherwise easily drive to. Park your vehicle here and walk down the trail to the site, roughly 300 yards.--Wicked4x4 20:12, 2 July 2010 (UTC)

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