Sugarpine Mountain Trail

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Sugarpine Mountain Trail
Mini-DSC 3319.JPG
Photo: Sugarpine Mountain Trail with fresh snow on it Brett and Brandon Woods, in our Jeep JK, Spring 2007
Trail Information
Other Names: Sugarpine
Part of: San Bernardino National Forest
Trail Length: 16 miles
Trail Time: 2 hours
Terrain: Mountain trail
Off-Road Use: Trails only
Difficulty: Easy
County: San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Cities: Cajon, CA
Map Links: Google Map Yahoo Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map:
GPS Start: N34 14.75 W117 21.14
GPS End: N34 17.28 W117 21.31
Google Earth: Sugarpine Mountain Trail.kmz
Elevation: 2,000 to 5,600 ft.

For those who want a quick easy escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles city life, this is a good trail with spectacular views of Silverwood lake and the Inland Empire bellow. North of San Bernardino, exit I-215 on Palm Road, go right, all the way to the end crossing Verdemont Community where Bailey Canyon Rd.Google Map. begun leading you into the San Bernardino National Forest. You can take only street legal vehicles here, so leave your green-sticker vehicles behind. Keep following this narrow road up the mountains which ascends around the West Fork of the Devil Canyon.

Just about 5.9 miles further up you will reach the top of Monument Peak. Here is where you will find a historical marker commemorating the Mojave Road. Look out and you face the valley of San Bernardino.

This is a beautiful natural trail running through a forest full of green trees. As you move along, you get lovely views of the Silverwood Lake. Closer to its end the trail turns towards the east taking you below the Cleghorn Ridge, passing under the Hwy 138 Google Map. and ending into the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. Here is a good spot to camp or enjoy a picnic. You can swim, fish or boat in the lake as well. You must note that the last legs of this trail passes through private property.

(Edit) I have done it both ways, I prefer to start at Silverwood lake and have the view of the valley as I descend into San Bernardino.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Sugarpine Mountain Trail Coordinates: 34.245833° -117.352333° Coordinates: 34.245833° -117.352333°