Tierod Canyon

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Tierod Canyon
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Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of:
Trail Length: 5 miles
Trail Time: 2 hours
Terrain: Wash
Off-Road Use: Licensed only
Difficulty: High Clearance w/ Sliders
County: Clark County
Nearest Cities: Las Vegas, NV
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map:
Special Map:
GPS Start: 35 56'41.69"N, 115 16'21.32"W
GPS End: 35 55'46.90N, 115 13'27.19W
Google Earth: Tierod Canyon
Elevation: 3000ft - 3500ft

Tierod Canyon Named for/after all of the Tierods destroyed on this trail. As a memorial, a Tierod stands alongside the trail. This is a good hard trail with many obstacles and an offshoot trail, Carnage Canyon. This short trail could be run in a stock 4X4, if you take all of the go rounds or bypasses. If you choose to do the obstacles a punctured tire or sidewall rip are the least of your concerns.

To gauge if your vehicle will make it through this in mind: I have done it twice in a Pathfinder runnin' 31's, mild lift (2") with a lincoln locked front. The obstacles are only as wild as you want to make them as stated above. A long wheelbase vehicle might have a tough time in some sections.


OK this is where you look for instruction on how to get to the trailhead. There are two ways to get there, I15 south, get off at Sloan go west. Or Rainbow at its southern point go south.

Comments, Run Reports, Photos[edit]

It's a fun trail but i think it is inside the BLM's OHV closure Area

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