Truckhaven Trail

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Truckhaven Trail is not the same as Truckhaven Hills which is a difficult trail west of Salton city.

A large part of this trail runs through private property with about 11 miles still open to hikers and private SUVs.

The loose sand on the terrain gives this trail a moderate difficulty rating except for the intersections with the Arroyo Salado Trail and Calcite Mine Trail which is rated more difficult. Another section in the North Fork Arroyo Salado Wash is rated even higher. Choose these sections only if you are an experienced driver and capable of avoiding serious damage to your vehicle.

Starting at Borrego-Salton Seaway (S22) east of Borrego Springs, the trail moves to the Santa Rosa Mountains. You pass by the Inspiration Point and Fonts Point Wash and can see the Clark Lake along the way.

You drive down for about 2.9 miles on S22 and then turn south towards Arroyo Salado Wash. Campers can use the sites that is near this section.

Inside Arroyo Salado Wash

Once in this zone, you are transported into a new world with the red canyon walls looming over you. After about 2.2 miles you land at a side wash which has a small intersection. You then reach the formed trail taking you out of the wash and leading to a saddle. From then on you start moving down the North Fork Arroyo Salado Wash.

After you move out of this wash you enter the section rated 5 which lasts until you reach Cannonball Canyon. After this it becomes easy again and rejoins S22. At this point you get access to the Calcite Mine Trail.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Truckhaven Trail Coordinates: 33.303667° -116.257833° Coordinates: 33.303667° -116.257833°