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Hey, What's up off-roading world?! I am so excited to found this page; finally a good place for off-roading information.

About Me: I am a 23 y.o. chic from the 805; in case you don't know, the 805 is the Ventura County, CA area. I have been riding dirtbikes for about a year and a half and I am currently riding a KX100 (yea, I know, its a "Mini" bike but I am only 5'2" and so I can't reach on anything bigger.) Anyways, I love riding my dirtbike; there is just something so freeing about racing through the desert, 6th gear pinned that I wish I would have gotten a dirtbike a long time ago.

My favorite area to go riding is Cal City but I've also been riding out in Dove Springs, Jawbone, and most recently Stoddard Valley. I prefer Cal b/c the majority of the terrain is hard packed dirt and the trails are winding with decent whoop sections and only a few of them are sandy washes (which my little two-stoke really doesn't like.)

I am always interested in learning about new places to ride in the So. Cal area so if you know of any please leave me a message.... Or if you just want to say whats up you leave me a note too.

Until next time - Ride Hard and Have Fun!