Wheeler's Pass

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Wheeler's Pass
USA Nevada LadVegas WheelersPass.jpg
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of:
Trail Length: 18 miles
Trail Time: 2 hours
Terrain: Mountains
Off-Road Use: Licensed only
Difficulty: High Clearance w/ Sliders
County: Clark County
Nearest Cities: Las Vegas, NV
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map:
GPS Start: 36 31'25.18"N, 115 32'53.26"W
GPS End: 36 23'32.74N, 115 47'54.52W
Google Earth: [Wheeler's Pass]
Elevation: 3100ft - 7600ft

Directions: Head north on US 95 from Las Vegas about 40 miles. Miles before you get to Indian Springs you will see a prison on the west side of the highway. Turn onto the road in front of the prison. Head west into the mountains about 10 miles and once you pass the dumpsters on the left you will see a sign for Wheeler's Pass and the trail on your right hand side about 1/2 a mile past the dumpsters. The rest of the trail is marked and pretty easy to follow.

9/29/09: The trail itself is pretty self explanatory once you make the turnoff from the paved "prison" road. If you stay on the main "601" trail it is very stock 4wd friendly. If you are slow and cautious you can make it to the summit saddle in 2wd. High clearance and shorter wheel base will prevent the desert pinstripping, but in some portions the trail is narrow for almost any vehicle. On the weekends it is pretty busy with ATV's and other vehicles, but I did it during the week and didn't come across a single soul up there.

7/11/11: There is currently a landowner on the Cold Creek side that is not letting any through traffic on the trail going through her property. The Forest Service routed the road wrong several years ago. After talking with Josh in the Las Vegas office, he said that they are awaiting the environmental survey to re route the road around her property, which could take up to two years to fully have the road open again. Until then the trail from the summit to Cold Creek is closed.

3/4/14: Trail is OPEN! The road has been successfully rerouted around the owner's property. All of the previous remarks about this trail are still valid except it is now open!